My main concentration these days is wildlife photography as I am working on a large-format coffee table book featuring all the species of birds in Arizona. 540 different species of birds have been recorded in Arizona, but 160 of those are considered rare or accidental. The rarities will be featured in a separate section and will not all have photographs. The true Arizona birds, 370 of them, will each have a full page or double-page spread.

The book is scheduled to be published in the Fall 2024. I still need to get top quality shots of fifty to sixty hard to find species, so I spend my mornings in the field and afternoons at the computer.

The book is planned to be 11" x 13"  424 pages, hardback presented in a slipcase. The first printing will be a limited edition of 1,000 signed copies each with a signed 9" x 12" print.   

This is an initial cover design for the book, featuring a Gila Woodpecker. I like that the Gila Woodpecker is an iconic Arizona bird and that there is a saguaro cactus in the shot. However, this is by no means the final cover.

I will work on some other designs using an Elegant Trogon and a Cactus Wren (State bird). When I get them done, I'll post them here so that I can get feedback from my website visitors.

Below are three sample spreads, again, these are in the prototype stage so there will inevitably be changes. I am going to complete a section as a sample. I selected Ducks and Geese as Winter is when many migrating waterbirds are visiting Arizona.

I have this section almost completed but still need a shot of a Red-breasted Merganser and a better shot of a male Goldeneye.arizona birds book ducks sample 1

arizona birds book ducks sample 2

arizona birds book ducks sample 3